Vehicle Examination Lab

The Vehicle Examination Section has been operational since October 2012. Having the required expertise, the vehicles are being examined by the experts who have got local as well as foreign training. The Vehicle Examination section is imparting facility for examining cases from Islamabad Capital Territory, Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir and other referred cases from Police, Federal Bureau of Revenue and other related investigation agencies. This section provides following services to assist law enforcement agencies:

  • Examination of chassis frame and chassis number of vehicle
  • Examination of engine number of vehicle
  • Serial number analysis and restoration
  • Analysis regarding digits of chassis/engine/serial number are genuine, self-punched or otherwise


  • Vehicle examination casework
  • Quick, credible reports and computerized database
  • Preparation of SOPs for Vehicle Examination Unit
  • Involved in forensic awareness seminars arranged for Police, Prosecutors, Armed Forces and other Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Delivered lectures and presentation on Serial Number Analysis in “Police and Prosecutors Cooperation Training”  conducted by US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • Local and foreign training of technical staff


  • Vehicle Identification Course - Australian Federal Police, Canberra, Australia
  • Serial Number Analyses and Restoration - Local Vehicle Examination Experts
  • Court Room Evidence Training for Forensic Experts - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • Basic Crime Investigation Course - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • First Aid Responder Course - US Department of Justice, ICITAP