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Forensic Training of Baluchistan Police by NFSA

NFSA had the honour to get the opportunity to train fifty police officers of different ranks of Baluchistan Police who are involved in cases of different nature. The training session in Forensic Science Techniques, Scene of Crime Investigation, Processing and Management, DNA Technology, Firearms, Explosives, Tool Marks, Vehicle Examination, Latent Fingerprints and Questioned Documents were explained in detail. Further the role of Forensic Science and Physical Evidence in investigation was elaborated alongwith practical demonstrations in identification of physical evidence, preservation of crime scene, securing and packaging of physical evidence, note-taking, sketch-making, documentation, forensic photography, all were explained by the relevant experts of National Forensic Science Agency. The programme lasted from 2nd till 4th April, 2013. After the training, the participants were evaluated and were awarded with certificates. The whole process was keenly observed by the Inspector General of Police, Baluchistan alongwith Secretaries Home and Prosecution, Government of Baluchistan.

Project Director NFSA Addressing Course Participants

Secretary Prosecution, Baluchistan Addressing Course Participants

Secretary Home, Baluchistan Addressing Course Participants

Inspector General of Police, Baluchistan Addressing Course Participants

PD NFSA Presenting Shield to Government of Baluchistan

NFSA Expert Demonstrating Mock Crime Scene Search and Processing

Course Participants Sketching Mock Crime Scene