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Workshop on "Crime Scene Processing and Importance of Physical Evidence" at PAF Base, Rawalpindi


The NFSA office conducted a workshop on Crime Scene Processing and Importance of Physical Evidence on April 29, 2013 at PAF Base, Rawalpindi. Special emphasis was given to crime scene processing and management.

The event started with recitation of Holy Quran. In the opening ceremony, Mr. Sohail Hanif, Deputy Director NFSA, gave introduction of NFSA. After that, the NFSA Fingerprint Expert threw light on fingerprints comparative analysis. The DNA Expert discussed DNA sampling and processing and NFSA DNA capabilities. Crime Scene Officers briefly discussed how to process and manage a crime scene. They presented about evidence collection and packaging, footprint and bloodstain pattern analysis. The NFSA Firearms Experts discussed firearms and ballistics analysis.The NFSA Explosives Experts explained explosive analysis and IED’s. Then a practical demonstration was given by NFSA Crime Scene Unit which caught special attention of the audience. A number of questions were asked reflecting active participation of the audience.

The chief guest, Air Marshal, shared words of appreciation and encouraged such informative activities in future. Souvenirs were exchanged. The event ended up with declaration of mutual cooperation, hands on trainings and joint ventures in future.