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PD NFSA to attend the 5th Forensic Leadership Forum Meeting at Australia

The Project Director, National Forensic Science Agency will be attending the 5th Pakistan Forensic Leadership Forum meeting at Australia hosted by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as part of their Law Enforcement Assistance Program to Pakistan (2009-2013).

The meeting will be attended by forensic managers from Provincial Police Forensic Science Laboratories, PFSA, National Forensic Science Agency together with other interested law enforcement agencies and senior officials from Federal and Provincial departments. Members of the international community with an interest in capacity building and training in the forensic disciplines will also be invited as observers.  The activities and outcomes of the Forum are non-binding, however are made in good faith with the primary goal to enhance the development of Pakistan’s forensic capabilities.

Previous meetings of the Pakistan Forensic Leadership Forum have been held in Abu Dhabi, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.