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A Case Study Regarding Uneven Mark of Firing Pin on the Percussion Cap

NFSA Firearms section received a case where the striking mark on the percussion cap was present at different locations in different cartridges. Considering the experience and training of the Firearms experts of this office and the professional acumen of the Project Director, Dr.Amar Ali Hussain Khan, the report was prepared on scientific lines after intensive research.

While examining such cases where the striking mark on the percussion cap is presented at different locations, forensic examination of such cases present a great deal of difficulty. For the novice experts, it could be misjudged for an opinion contrary to the facts of the case. This kind of situation require further scientific investigations on the part of the ballistics experts. In such situations, the chamber size requires to be measured. It might have gone bigger due to wear and tear or deliberately widened for lodging slightly bigger bored ammunition but with lesser length of the ammunition. This situation could arise in pistols and rifles where more than one kind of ammunition could be fired. Such weapons are sub-standard. If a sub-standard weapon is expected, the bore of the muzzle may be checked as well.

In such situations, it is suggested that before finalizing the opinion, the chamber for different gauged ammunition be checked as well.