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Caliber determination of a in-situ bullet from x-rays exposures - A rare case in the history of forensic science


It is a matter of great satisfaction that the National Forensic Science Agency is entrusted with very important cases of law and order, one of them mentioned here. It is a very unusual and rare case in the history of forensic science, being the first of its type in Pakistan, where the caliber of a bullet was to be determined in-situ from x-ray exposures provided by the police. The case was initially referred to one of the most advanced forensic facilities as Punjab Forensic Science Agency which showed the inability to report upon unless the bullet was taken out of the body of the victim. Which in this particular case is not possible due to its location in body and its removal could cause massive damage to the organs of the victim.

Considering the experience and training of the Firearms experts of this office and the professional acumen of the Project Director, Dr.Amar Ali Hussain Khan, the challenge upon examination and reporting was accepted and the report was prepared on scientific lines after intensive research. This way NFSA has gone way ahead to help the Law Enforcement Agencies in crime investigations.

Test X-ray for comparison of in-situ bullet with standard reference bullets

Standard Reference Bullets