Director General's Message

Project Director

NFSA has come a long way. It is nice to know that officials are striving to excel in the given environment. There is no short cut to success, let do whatever that little more is required to find the truth, to know the reality. Remember the prime task remains to find the facts and uphold it.

My special appreciation to the Government of Pakistan for funding the project and standing by in the creation of the forensic agency. The initiative without doubt will have a lasting impact in determining the reality and related veracity for timely verdict.

Good luck, make us proud!

Sqn. Ldr (Retd) Iqbal Mehmood
Director General

National Forensic Science Agency


Project Director's Message

Project Director

Forensic is an interesting discipline of science where physical evidence is not subdued rather are processed to be detected, preserved, evaluated, and explained. Amusingly, it deals with the matters objectively and does not act on suspicion.

The NFSA comprising of qualified professionals has come a long way. I am thrilled that we have a new building now and more state of the art equipment’s. In the coming year we will without doubt strive for more certification for our officers, training for police personnel, standardization of SOP and manuals to develop more proficiency in the scientific explanation of the evidence being collected.

I am grateful to the DG NPB for entrusting this prestigious work. I look forward to the professional development of the agency, its personnel and its function.

Do pray for our success!

Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam

Project Director, NFSA