Initially a DNA lab was established in 2006 with the assistance of the Republic of China. Two scientists were also provided training in China. The DNA lab has now upgraded under the supervision/guidance of a forensic expert provided by National Police Improvement Agency, Government of UK. Presently, it is providing forensic DNA services to police/law enforcement agencies in the following areas:

  • Dead body Identification
  • Parentage Analysis
  • Bomb Blast
  • Sexual Assault
  • Homicide
  • Cross Border Terrorism

Normally samples are received in the form of blood, bones, muscles, cartilages, vaginal swabs, materials with biological stains, etc. The NFSA DNA lab is proud to provide services in serious investigation and in mass disaster situation.
DNA Amplification

  • AmpFl STR Identifiler Kit (16 STR loci/markers)
  • AmpFl STR Y Filer PCR Amplification Kit (16 STR loci/markers)
  • MtDNA control region sequencing (in near future)

Future Expansion Plan
Plans are in pipeline to enhance capacity of DNA lab by following:

  • Equipment
    • 3130xl Genetic Analyzer
    • 3500 Genetic Analyzer
    • ABI 7500 Real Time PCR
  • Establishment of Serology Unit


An Evidence Receiving Unit (ERU) with helpline +92-51-9267685 have been established to support law enforcement agencies and MLOs for helping in proper collection, packaging and transportation of DNA samples to the NFSA DNA Lab. All police/law enforcement departments are requested to call on the ERU Helpline prior to or at the time of taking of DNA samples through medical legal officers in hospitals.