Questioned Documents Lab

The primary purpose of questioned document examination is to counter questions about a disputed document using a variety of scientific processes and methods. The scientific staff regarding Questioned Document Section is trained from abroad in countries like Australia and France. Moreover, preliminary training of the staff is accomplished from International Criminal Training Assistance Program (ICTAP) under U.S Department of Justice and from well trained local forensic experts. The staff is highly trained in their section and now taking cases from different Law Enforcement Agencies of Pakistan. This section provides following services to assist law enforcement agencies:

  • Analysis and assessment of characters of signature, handwriting, typewriting and printed documents
  • Paper and ink examination
  • Examination of rubber stamps
  • Assessment of documents for alteration, addition or obliteration
  • Examination of charred documents
  • Examination of indentation marks or other marks


  • Questioned Documents casework in collaboration with different agencies
  • SOPs for collection of Questioned Documents evidence from crime scene
  • Protocols / guidelines for Questioned Document Laboratory
  • Study regarding modern techniques for Questioned Documents examination
  • Involved in forensic awareness seminars arranged for Police, Prosecutors, Armed Forces and other Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Delivered lectures on Introduction of Forensics in “Police and Prosecutors Cooperation Training”  conducted by US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • Indigenous and foreign training of technical staff


  • Questioned Documents Examination Course - National Center for Forensic Studies, University of Canberra, Australia
  • Examination of Questioned Documents - Local Questioned Documents Expert
  • Court Room Evidence Training for Forensic Experts - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • Basic Crime Investigation Course - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • First Aid Responder Course - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • Questioned Documents Examination and Live Case Studies - Federal Investigation Agency, Islamabad