Explosives Lab

The Explosives Section of NFSA deals with the use of physical sciences and other disciplines including explosive science, fire and explosion investigation and risk analysis to help resolve issues in relation to civil and criminal law. It is intended that the Explosives section will impart facility for examining cases from Islamabad Capital Territory, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir or any other referred cases. Explosives section is also capable enough to provide training to different law enforcement agencies’ personnel which can be helpful for them to collect evidences from explosives scene in proper way. This section will provide following services to assist law enforcement agencies:

  • Identification of explosive residues (post blast debris)
  • Identification of unknown explosive/hazardous material (pre blast)
  • Calculation of quantity of explosive used
  • Nature of Explosion (IED, VBIED, SUICIDE, etc.)
  • Identification of the triggering/initiation mechanism
  • Analysis of components of explosive devices
  • Examination of deactivated explosive devices
  • Electronic circuit analysis
  • Estimation of epic center


  • Explosives casework in collaboration with different agencies
  • Preparation of SOPs for Explosives Lab
  • Study regarding the role of forensic science in explosive analysis
  • Involved in forensic awareness seminars arranged for Police, Prosecutors, Armed Forces and other Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Delivered lectures on role of forensics in explosive analysis in Navel Headquarters Islamabad
  • Indigenous and foreign training of technical staff


  • Analysis of Explosive Material and IEDs - Australian Federal Police, Canberra, Australia
  • Court Room Evidence Training for Forensic Experts - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • Basic Crime Investigation Course - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • First Aid Responder Course - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • Explosives Analysis and Live Case Studies - Federal Investigation Agency, Islamabad