Crime Scene Investigation Unit

The need for proper recognition, collection, and preservation of physical evidence is mandated for use in the criminal justice system. Physical evidence can directly or indirectly lead to the solution of a crime. Charging and prosecution decisions may be affected by the quality of the physical evidence supporting the case. Therefore a Crime Scene Investigation Unit has been established at NFSA. The crime scene officers are trained from Australia, preliminary training of the staff is accomplished from International Criminal Training Assistance Program (ICTAP) under U.S Department of Justice and from well trained local forensic experts. This section provides following services to assist law enforcement agencies:

  • Evaluation of crime scene
  • Processing and management of the crime scene
  • Seizure and packaging of physical evidence for scientific evaluation and comparison
  • Preparation of detailed reports on observations and activities at the crime scene for the law enforcement agency responsible for the investigation of crime
  • Testifying in the court of law regarding the findings and processing methods used at the crime scene
  • Training of police and law enforcement personnel across the country


  • Practical demonstrations of mock crime scene in forensic awareness seminars
  • SOPs for collection of evidence from crime scene
  • Study regarding modern techniques for Questioned Documents examination
  • Preparation of lectures/trainings for Police, Prosecutors, Armed Forces and other Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Study regarding latest techniques and methodologies in crime scene investigations
  • Indigenous and foreign training of technical staff


  • Physical Evidence and Triage - Australian Federal Police, Canberra, Australia
  • Collection and Preservation of Crime Scene Evidence - Local Forensic Expert
  • Court Room Evidence Training for Forensic Experts - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • Basic Crime Investigation Course - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • First Aid Responder Course - US Department of Justice, ICITAP
  • Crime Scene Investigation - ICT Police